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    Journal Submission Guidelines

    For a journal to be considered by UWP please follow these guidelines including the following in your submission:

    1. Name of journal and subtitle and a description of the journal's purpose in 100-200 words; indicate why a journal is needed in the area and what is distinctive and unique about your new journal in terms of intellectual contribution.
    2. Details of principal editor/s including contact details and one paragraph detailing institutional affiliations, relevant previous publications and credentials for the role including memberships of relevant associations.
    3. Composition of editorial board including the names of board members, academic affiliations and areas of subject expertise (2-3 sentences for each).
    4. Extent of journal and article length. How many issues a year and how many articles?
    5. Any presentation or production preferences or requirements for the journal needed including use of illustration, data presentation, specialist typography or colour printing if required for print on demand.
    6. Core readership and subject disciplines the journal intends to cover; any wider academic categories you think the journal may appeal to or reach across to.
    7. The nearest competing journals to yours or those journals in adjacent academic fields; why this journal will succeed in attracting submissions?
    8. How should the readership for the journal be identified and reached? What factors do you think are most relevant in terms of ensuring the journal would be successfully launched and would create an impact?

    UWP normally like to discuss on an individual basis such matters as reference and style conventions, handling of the peer review process, potential sponsorship and link-up with associations (if a society or department journal) but if you think it is important to mention these at an early stage please include details.

    It is a condition for consideration that UWP journals are peer reviewed with reference to COPE guidelines and fully referenced.

    The Process

    A journal submission is first of all considered by UWP members of staff specifically as to whether it meets our guidelines and is a subject area in which we are planning to publish.

    The journal proposal will then be reviewed externally by relevant scholars in the field and usually by a member of a relevant University of Westminster faculty or department.

    If the reviews are favourable or mixed the proposal will be considered by the University of Westminster Press editorial board and a decision will be taken quickly whether to proceed.

    UWP aim to undertake reviews of journals as expeditiously as possible and in no longer than 8 weeks from submission.

    Taking into consideration COPE guidelines, UWP are happy to consider requests for ‘open’ peer review if preferred.

    Once a journal is accepted procedures for journals submissions, peer review of articles and publications procedure are agreed and contracts signed.

    Submit your Proposal

    To submit your new journal proposal, of for further discussion, please contact Andrew Lockett.