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  • The Social Value of the Intellectual Commons: Conclusions on Commons-Based Value

    Antonios Broumas

    Chapter from the book: Broumas, A. 2020. Intellectual Commons and the Law: A Normative Theory for Commons-Based Peer Production.


    Elaborating on key findings of previous chapters this chapter proposes more abstract statements on commons-based value, its sources, forms and mode of circulation and, finally, the value crisis challenging the interrelation between intellectual commons and capital. It is structured into the five following sections. The first offers a working definition of commons-based value in accordance with the findings of the research. The second determines productive communal activity as the source of commons-based value. The third analyses the forms of commons-based value. The fourth sketches out the basic characteristics of the mode of commons-based value circulation. The fifth and final substantive section examines the crises of value encountered in the sphere of the intellectual commons. Overall, this chapter offers a social theory of commons-based value circulation with normative dimensions in respect of the morality of the intellectual commons. With empirical data it confirms the presence of an alternative proto-mode of value circulation based on the intellectual commons, which supports the reproduction of the intellectual bases of our societies in dialectical interrelation to the dominant capitalist mode thus thereby rendering commons-based value visible to activists, researchers and policymakers and fuelling practices, policies and laws that might truly unleash their potential.

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    Broumas, A. 2020. The Social Value of the Intellectual Commons: Conclusions on Commons-Based Value. In: Broumas, A, Intellectual Commons and the Law. London: University of Westminster Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.16997/book49.h

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    Published on Nov. 25, 2020