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  • Writing questions for research projects

    Doug Specht

    Chapter from the book: Specht, D. 2019. The Media and Communications Study Skills Student Guide.


    Successfully framing research questions works best when students draw not just on their own experience but that of other scholars and perspectives from all parts of society. Using the familiar joke ‘Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?’ the author illustrates the way a research question can be refined and improved so that it is not too broad, or too narrow, not original or too original. First of all there is the issue of generating ideas. Can a problem be the key to framing a research question? Could free writing be used and what are the merits of the ‘so-what test’ in considering alternatives? A research question checklist and a list of pitfalls to avoid are offered for students to use. Doing a Masters degree is all about questions and understanding how questions work is really important for getting along in your studies concludes the author.

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    Specht, D. 2019. Writing questions for research projects. In: Specht, D, The Media and Communications Study Skills Student Guide. London: University of Westminster Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.16997/book42.k

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    Published on Nov. 25, 2019