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  • Conclusion: From Capital to Commoning

    Benjamin J. Birkinbine

    Chapter from the book: Birkinbine, B. 2020. Incorporating the Digital Commons: Corporate Involvement in Free and Open Source Software.


    This chapter summarizes the main findings from the case studies discussed in the previous chapters and reflects upon their significance for advancing the commons under capitalism. I also reflect on the value of using the commons paradigm to understand and envision alternatives to capitalism, and I discuss a variety of proposals that have been made with regard to advancing the commons. I propose a form of commons praxis that employs ‘subversive commoning’ to advance an anti-capitalist commons. I also provide some examples of where these models are currently being employed. The chapter concludes with some final thoughts on capital and the commons.

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    Birkinbine, B. 2020. Conclusion: From Capital to Commoning. In: Birkinbine, B, Incorporating the Digital Commons. London: University of Westminster Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.16997/book39.f

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    Published on Feb. 26, 2020