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  • Examining (Big) Data Practices and Ethics

    Annika Richterich

    Chapter from the book: Richterich, A. 2018. The Big Data Agenda: Data Ethics and Critical Data Studies.


    ‘Examining data practices and data ethics’ focuses on the theoretical foundations of this book’s analysis. The first subchapter ‘What it means to ‘study data’’ expands on the brief introduction to critical data studies provided in Chapter 1. Adding to the basic principles and historical development outlined previously it offers an overview of themes and issues. The section ‘Critical perspectives’ elucidates why the approach taken in this book should be considered ‘critical’. While Habermas’ work links this book to critical theory this material also draws on strands in science and technology studies which have explicitly addressed the possibilities and need for normative, engaged analyses. Building on Keulartz et al.’s pragmatist approach and Habermas’ critical theory notion of discourse ethics, a third section focuses on pragmatism and discourse ethics.

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    Richterich, A. 2018. Examining (Big) Data Practices and Ethics. In: Richterich, A, The Big Data Agenda. London: University of Westminster Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.16997/book14.b

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    Published on April 13, 2018