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  • AI Ethics Needs Good Data

    Angela Daly S. Kate Devitt Monique Mann

    Chapter from the book: Verdegem, P. 2021. AI for Everyone?: Critical Perspectives.


    Arguing that discourses on AI must engage with power and political economy this chapter, in particular, makes the case that we must move beyond the depoliticised language of ‘ethics’ currently deployed in determining whether AI is ‘good’ given the limitations of ethics as a frame through which AI issues can be viewed. In order to circumvent these limits, we use instead the language and conceptualisation of ‘Good Data’ which we view as a more expansive term to elucidate the values, rights and interests at stake when it comes to AI’s development and deployment. These considerations include, but go beyond privacy, as well as fairness, transparency and accountability to include explicit political economy critiques of power.

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    Daly, A et al. 2021. AI Ethics Needs Good Data. In: Verdegem, P (ed.), AI for Everyone?. London: University of Westminster Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.16997/book55.g

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    Published on Sept. 20, 2021